Dr. Judy E. Riley

Dr. Judy E. Riley, D.C.


riley_1_1.jpeg Dr. Riley was introduced to the healing art of Chiropractic after first having been a patient herself, following an automobile accident in which she sustained neck and back injuries and debilitating headaches.  After a regiment of drugs and medication proved unsuccessful, she sought treatment through chiropractic. It proved to be a life altering experience and she pursued chiropractic as her profession.


Born and raised in Southern California, Dr. Riley attended and graduated from Southern California College of Science and Healing Arts in Whittier, California in 1990.


Dr. Riley joined Community Chiropractic Center in 1996, where she has primarily a Family Wellness practice with an emphasis on patient education and awareness. Treatment consists of both non-force and light force chiropractic adjustment techniques, physical therapy and strength training, safe for the young and old.


Dr. Riley is proud to say she has helped hundreds of people who have suffered with back and neck problems, sports and auto injuries and debilitating headaches. 


If you have changed your life to accommodate your pain, stop, reclaim your life back through Chiropractic today!